Bethany Bernhardt (usually creating under the name DIZZEE B) is a Knoxville, TN based artist working in graphic design, video art, animation, fashion, photography, painting, and graffiti. Her work is heavily inspired by the 80’s NYC pop and street art scenes and ranges from self-expressionism to aimless aesthetic.


In my work I’m very interested in seeing how things flow and play out on their own. I very rarely put any planning into the work I make. Instead, I start with one image or feeling that I can’t stop thinking about, and after drawing that, I continue working until the space is completely filled or I feel the work is finished. 


I tend to use bright, solid colors in most of my work because I feel the largeness and eye-catching allure of them reflect the largeness and fixation of the images or feelings that inspired the piece.


While I hope that my work reflects a celebration of diversity and humanity, beyond that, I don’t try to publicly ascribe any meaning to the pieces myself. I know what they mean to me and what inspired them, whether it’s an act of self-expression or an image that I just think would look cool. However it’s more important to me that everyone ascribes their own interpretation to the pieces, both because I believe that art exists outside of the artist’s intention, and because that act of interpretation, in and of itself, reflects a celebration of diversity within humanity.




Bethany Bernhardt